Our lawyers share a mutual understanding in our team approach, allowing us to provide services at the highest level. The long experience and diversified interests of our partners made it possible for us to specialise in several fields of law.

Company law, mergers and takeovers, company and corporate restructuring

The scope of consultancy services covers:

  • incorporation of companies, branches and representative offices,
  • planning optimum legal and tax structures of corporate groups,
  • contracts between shareholders and stockholders,
  • disputes between shareholders and stockholders,
  • ongoing corporate consultancy,
  • legal services for bodies of corporations,
  • company liquidation,
  • representation of companies in registration proceedings,
  • sale and acquisition of shares (stock),
  • sale and acquisition of companies,
  • due diligence services (legal and tax investigation),
  • corporate restructuring,
  • company mergers,
  • company division,
  • company transformation.
Court and administrative court proceedings

Our team provides legal counsel comprising representation in:

  • civil and business lawsuits before general courts, including before the Supreme Court,
  • administrative proceedings before public administration authorities, Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • business lawsuits before arbitration courts,
  • bankruptcy (liquidation bankruptcy and arrangement bankruptcy) and recovery proceedings,
  • proceedings before labour courts in labour disputes,
  • extrajudicial disputes which take into account alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation.
Contract law

We provide legal advice on the conclusion, termination and execution of civil law contracts. Our services include, in particular, as follows:

  • contract preparation, negotiation and evaluation,
  • consultancy during contract implementation,
  • assistance in verifying and pursuing claims arising during contract implementation,
  • selection of optimal contract solutions safeguarding the interests of our clients,
  • paying particular attention to the fullest identification and coverage of all types of risks related to contract preparation and negotiation.
Labour law

Our services include:

  • drafting work regulations, remuneration regulations, company social benefit fund regulations and employment policies
  • drafting contracts of employment, contracts for board members and management staff, non-competition agreements and non-disclosure agreements
  • conditions of employment under the Labour Code and other sources of law
  • civil law contracts
  • work time
  • remuneration, severance pay, cash equivalent
  • international assignments
  • equal treatment in employment
  • disciplinary liability
  • termination of contracts of employment
  • examination of observance of labour law (internal audit, legal analysis, investigation proceedings)
  • labour-law-related issues in relation to acquisition, merger and division of companies
  • employment restructuring, including transfer of undertakings and collective redundancies
  • obligation to inform and consult employees’ representatives
  • relations with trade unions, collective disputes
  • resolution of labour disputes, including representation of employers before labour courts
Bankruptcy law

We offer comprehensive counsel in matters related to insolvency and bankruptcy, in particular:

  • we develop scenarios of restructuring outside the bankruptcy procedures and negotiate the conditions of debt restructuring,
  • we advise on the choice and establishment of safeguards in the event of a contractor’s insolvency
  • we draft bankruptcy petitions,
  • we submit claims,
  • we offer representation in bankruptcy proceedings and contact with authorities conducting proceedings,
  • we advise on drafting and implementing arrangement proposals,
  • we conduct proceedings on exclusion of third party’s property from the bankruptcy estate,
  • we advise on acquisition of property from entities in bankruptcy.
Information protection law

Legal advice on information protection issues, including:

  • personal data protection,
  • public information,
  • business secrets,
  • professional secrecy.
Cooperative and banking law

Our team provides comprehensive legal assistance in the field of cooperative law, particularly with respect to:

  • establishment and liquidation of cooperatives,
  • ongoing legal services for cooperatives,
  • drafting statutes, resolutions and regulations,
  • legal services for bodies of cooperatives,
  • representation of cooperatives in registration proceedings,
  • sale and acquisition of companies,
  • due diligence services (legal investigation),
  • division of cooperatives,
  • transformation of cooperatives.

Our law office has experience in ongoing legal services connected with operations of cooperative banks and production cooperatives.

Civil and family law

The most frequent family law problems include: child support and modifications, divorce and legal separation, establishment and denial of paternity, child arrangement orders, division of assets, annulment of marriage, legal incapacitation, etc.

The most frequent civil law problems include actions for: payment, damages, motor insurance, co-ownership dissolution, usucaption, land and mortgage register issues, protection of personal rights, etc.

Inheritance law

The scope of legal aid includes:

  • legal advice and representation within the ascertainment of acquisition of the estate under a will or under statute,
  • legal advice on matters pertaining to favourable transfer of the estate to the heirs and within the scope of tax obligations of heirs and beneficiaries,
  • legal advice and representation within the division of the estate,
  • legal advice and representation within legitimate portion of inheritance.

The most frequent inheritance law problems include: ascertainment of acquisition of the estate, division of the estate, liability for inheritance debts, last will, legitimate portion of the estate, security and division of the inheritance.

Claiming compensation and dowry insurance policies

The service includes claiming compensation from entities responsible for the damage and ordering them to compensate the losses. This, in particular, pertains to:

  1. 1. Personal injuries resulting from:
    • a) traffic accidents
    • b) death of a close friend or family member in an accident
    • c) accidents at work
    • d) slipping and tripping in public places
    • e) unfortunate accidents or serious illnesses
    • f) agricultural accidents
  2. 2. Vehicle damage resulting from:
    • a) liability of road operators or road works contractors
    • b) underestimation of estimated repair costs with regard to loss indemnification under a public liability insurance – forcing the use of spare parts, underestimation of repair costs
    • c) underestimation of repair costs in an automotive workshop – demanding original invoices, refusal to cover the costs of towing and storage
    • d) total loss settlement – undervaluation of the vehicle, determination of total loss where the costs of repair are lower than the vehicle value
    • e) refusal to pay claims under comprehensive insurance
  3. 3. Revaluation of ‘old’ benefits – dowry insurance policies
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